Every customer order is different and customer requirements are also often varied.
The packaging, content, dimensions, composition and order quantity are different every time. It can therefore be quite a puzzle for your warehouse staff to find the most optimal loading and stacking method every time.
But it is important, because it saves a lot of money. Sometimes a small change in the customer order helps to find the most efficient solution. But in this last phase of the order process, this is extremely time-consuming and cumbersome.

It can be much simpler; with StackAssist.

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StackAssist & Dynamics

Full integration and extended functionality

StackAssist in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsofy Dynamics NAV 2018, you can truly unleash the power of StackAssist.
Our seamless integration will not only take a lot of master data work off of your hands by automatically synchronizing item dimensions and packaging information; it will also import all packing data right back into your ERP, which can then be used to quickly return packing information to your webshop, as a digital aid in your packing process (for example on scanners), or to enrich parcel data sent to your carriers.

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